We are a family owned and run business with many years of experience; we follow the latest industry standards and use the most advanced equipment for reconditioning clutches and as it is strongly recommended that when a clutch is replaced the flywheel should be resurfaced all of that is done in house, ensuring the removal of any shudder causing “hot spots” and uneven surfaces. We can machine any type of flywheel, from general road car, to full race multi-plate clutch types, heavy commercial truck or agricultural machinery. Our expert team members can help you about finding the most suitable clutch set for your needs, having an extra specialty on 4WD clutches.

Brakes are on of the most important elements on a car and our brake relining service is done at our factory by experienced mechanics, stocking a very large range of brake products we can cater for any application ranging from brake pads for performance, classic, exotic cars to commercial & 4WDs. One of our top sellers are brake disc rotors from RDA, we are one of the largest distributors for them and always carry plenty of rotors in our stock.

The brakes are only one half of the equation the other are the brake hoses. Old-Fashion rubber brake hoses traditionally fitted to cars and bikes are fast becoming overtaken. When it comes to an economical way of improving stopping; fitting BrakeQuip designed Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses can improve safety and enhance performance. It’s a well-known fact that, ‘rubber’ brake hoses are not the best option for a performance vehicle. That’s why it’s important to make an informed decision on what brake hoses you can fit to your pride and joy.

The brakes are ADR (Australian Design Rule) approved. (ADR7/00, ADR42/04) meaning they are street legal. Designed by one of the world leaders in brake hose manufacturing technology, every product goes through strict quality control process and pressure tested to 3000 psi. They are individually stamped with an ID number and registered with The Department of Transport and Regional Services (CRN# 30886)

Our experts can answer all your quires and performance upgrade questions so come and visit our factory and get our honest opinion so you can make an educated decision.